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News: Viz indicates online plans for Honey and Clover & NANA.

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From ANN

The North American anime distributor Viz Media announced the launch of its official website for the Honey and Clover shōjo franchise on Tuesday and noted that viewers "can stream, download, or purchase the latest episode" in the future. The website for the NANA anime series is also online; the websites for both shōjo anme series list streaming, download-to-own, and DVD options as "coming soon" in their respective product listings.

Another anime distributor, Funimation, announced last week that it will televise five Viz titles on its FUNimation Channel. Those five titles are NANA, Honey and Clover, Monster, Buso Renkin, and Hunter X Hunter. Viz publishes the original manga inspirations for all five anime titles.

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