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ADV license-rescues former Central Park Media titles.

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From ANN:

The Right Stuf online retailer lists four former Central Park Media (CPM) anime titles — Grave of the Fireflies (pictured at right), Now and Then, Here and There (pictured below), The World of Narue, and MD Geist — as July DVD releases from A.D. Vision. Isao Takahata and Studio Ghibli's acclaimed film adaptation of Akiyuki Nosaka's wartime Grave of the Fireflies novel will ship on July 7. Akitaro Daichi and AIC's complete Now and Then, Here and There science-fiction adventure series will ship on the same day, after being televised on America's International Channel in 2005 and more recently on the Sci Fi Channel.

Toyoo Ashida and Media Factory's complete The World of Narue romantic comedy series will follow on DVD on July 21. It previously ran on ImaginAsianTV in 2005. MD Geist, Hayato Ikeda and Koichi Ohata's robotic mecha anime video that inspired the logo of CPM's U.S. Manga Corps label, will ship on July 28.

Central Park Media filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last month after not having shipped a new anime or manga title in over a year.

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